Quick Reference Guides

Quick Reference Guides

These Quick Reference Guides have been repaginated in order to be easily printed. Pages should be printed double sided (borderless) and then placed in the proper order. Once the correct order has been verified, the booklet can then be folded and stapled.

Family Court Judges

This guide is designed for family court judges and offers practical information about military families and the military resources that are available to support them. This guide provides demographics data on military families, helping judges to better understand the families that appear before them. It also outlines some of the factors that make military families unique from their civilian counterparts. It then provides a concise overview of some issues that military families may present in family court and the military services and resources designed to address those issues and support families.

Health Affairs

This guide is designed for health care providers and offers practical information about military families. It is designed for use in assessing their medical and psychosocial needs and in delivering effective services. It provides demographic information and highlights the factors that make military family needs unique. Given the current demand placed on the military, it highlights the importance of continuing to assess the impact of deployment and other stressors on military families and offers suggestions for talking with them about their experiences and needs. The guide also provides referral information for families who need additional support.


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