The Benefits of a Workout Partner

Two male airmen working out on elliptical machines

Some things, like road trips and workouts, are just better with a little company.

You might not realize it, but a workout partner can do a lot more for you than just make you show up. Adding a workout partner to your fitness routine can:

  • Make it hard to skip your workout because you know someone is waiting for you
  • Help you clarify your fitness goals
  • Push you to the next level
  • Reduce the stress of embarking on a new challenge (like that half marathon you never thought you'd run)
  • Build friendships that can help make a new installation feel like home
  • Strengthen camaraderie between service members, during deployment and at home

How do you find a workout partner?


a routine that keeps you active, and find a workout partner who will make you stick to it.

No need to take applications, find a workout partner by:

  • Asking a friend to join you at the gym
  • Attending a group fitness class (yes, you'll have to go alone once)
  • Getting out for a walk or workout and seeing who else is there

When you've found a workout partner who is the rock to your roll, don't leave your next workout to chance. Set up another workout at another time and place on your installation before wrapping up the day:

  • Run or walk together around a track, trail or on a fitness center treadmill.
  • Check out a group fitness class at the fitness center.
  • Spot each other for leg (or arm) day on the free weights at the gym.
  • Meet for a swim at the pool.
  • Scan your Morale, Welfare and Recreation page, installation social media groups or bulletin boards for race sign ups.
  • Rent equipment from Morale, Welfare and Recreation (or use your own) and stir up a little friendly competition on the tennis, basketball or volleyball court.
  • Join a baseball, basketball or soccer league to bring new workout partners into the fold.
  • Try activities unique to your area, like surfing, kayaking or skiing.

OK, that is enough reading for now (but you can always head to your installation library when you're ready for more). Now, your workout partner is waiting — get out, get active and partner up.


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