Parenting Program: Pregnancy, Parenting and Breastfeeding

Pregnancy and the early years of parenting are among the most exciting and challenging times in a military family's life. The Defense Health Agency supports families during this transition by providing pregnancy, parenting and breastfeeding digital education through a program called the Pregnancy and New Parent Knowledge Management Program available from all 50 military treatment facilities, or MTFs, that deliver babies worldwide.

Through the program, new and expectant parents and their families receive digital education about pregnancy, breastfeeding and newborn and toddler care - information that is accessible on their mobile phones, tablets or computers. The health information is delivered by email and accessed online directly from the MTFs where expectant and new mothers receive prenatal care and will deliver their babies.

This consistent connection to MTFs is especially important for military families with special needs — families who are more vulnerable to health care disparities as a result of the stressors of deployment and war, frequent moves, the unique challenges of raising a child with special needs and the family's distance from traditional support networks.

One new parent at William Beaumont Army Medical Center writes: "This is the first time I've ever had this much information provided to me, which really helped with some questions I had. Thank you very much for showing you care about me and my child."

Families report that because the messages are "bite-sized" and timed to their child's age, it's easier to remember just what they need to know each week. It's also a convenient way to stay updated about classes and changes at their specific medical treatment facility, to stay connected to their military treatment facility from home and to reach their care provider when necessary.

Click here to sign up for the service. It's free for your entire family and support network.

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