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September 2016
Military OneSource Feature

Fall Back Into Health and Wellness

Woman lifting weights with a man coaching her

Did the lazy, hazy−or hectic−days of summer get you off track with healthy habits such as exercise or eating well? Partner with a Military OneSource health and wellness coach this fall to help refresh your goals and hold you accountable.

(What Does a Coach Do?)

Pay Homage on 9/11 Anniversary

US Flag hung from building

Each anniversary of the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001 reignites a sense of patriotism in the hearts of Americans. Explore ways that you and your military family can observe the 15th anniversary this September while remembering and honoring those who died. Consider participating in the National Day of Service and Remembrance.

Get Healthy Kids With 5210

Boy eating apple.

Count on the 5210 Healthy Military Children campaign to help your child eat better, feel better and live a more energy-filled life. Squeeze in more good-for-you foods, kick those sweetened drinks to the curb, encourage active play and set limits on screens. Get fit together and watch the whole family benefit from healthy habits.

Prepare Before Disaster Knocks

FEMA Mobile App

Disaster planning can help you and your loved ones weather the storm — or whatever else comes your way. Take action this September, National Preparedness Month. Create a disaster kit and download the Federal Emergency Management Agency app. It provides weather alerts, safety tips, shelter details and more to help keep you safe.

Receive Help for Depression

Female Soldier

An estimated one in five American adults and 13 to 20 percent of children experience a diagnosable mental health disorder each year. Don’t try to tough it out on your own if you’re experiencing depression, anxiety or other issues. Learn to recognize signs that you or someone else may need a hand and seek help through military support programs.

Protect Your Credit

Service member using credit card

The Military Lending Act will take effect on Oct. 3, 2016 to protect all active-duty service members and their families from the predatory lending practices that have put some military service members in a cycle of debt. Know before you owe to avoid falling into the trap of taking on a loan you cannot afford.

Service member taking notes

Start Your Search Today

Service member taking notes

Make informed decisions about your education. Use TA DECIDE to compare schools, programs, costs and more. Find the best school fit for you!

Child running in a gym

Working Together to Combat Obesity

Child running in a gym

Join the military community in fighting childhood obesity. Find a health and wellness coach or look into the Let’s Move! campaign to learn about better nutrition and fitness habits. Read up on these and other ways children and families are getting healthier and growing stronger.

For Service Providers
Military Families Learning Network

Upcoming Military Families Learning Network Webinars

Military Families Learning Network

The MFLN encourages providers to learn from each other. In September, check out the webinars "Opening Doors With Families Using the Routines-Based Interview" and "Credit and Debt Issues for Military Families." See the full list on the MFLN website.

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What You're Saying

What You're Saying

I can’t thank the financial counselor enough for helping me. My credit score increased nearly 200 points. Thank you!

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Honor Gold Star Families

Sept. 25 is Gold Star Mother’s and Family's Day. Pay tribute to those whose family members died in service.

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You've Got Credit

You've Got Credit

Your work and life experiences may be worth college credit. Get closer to that degree with LearningCountsTM.

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Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?

Tackle life's challenges and get all the support you need through a network of programs and services.

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Never Forgotten

On Sept. 16, National Prisoners of War/Missing in Action Recognition Day, we remember America's former POWs, missing and unaccounted for.


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