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July 2016
For Service Providers and Leaders

What's New Through Military OneSource?

Service provider speaking with service member

Service providers and leaders have an updated section on Military OneSource, and the much-anticipated Service Provider Exchange is happening now on our Facebook page. See how this summer's big service provider events can help you do what you do best: serve military families.

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Military OneSource Feature

Get Ready for Your First Move

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Are you a military spouse preparing for your first move? Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to help make moving as easy and stress-free as possible.

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Vote Anywhere

Service member’s hand holding pen and filling out absentee ballot

Military life can take you lots of places. Fortunately, you and your family can vote from all of them. Whether you're away from home due to a deployment, a PCS or a much-needed vacation, you and your family members can use absentee ballots to make sure your voices are heard on Election Day.

Open Doors in Your Community

Parents painting curb yellow

As a military family on the move, you often have to leave behind everything you've come to call home. Volunteering can help you build new connections while doing some good in your new community. Check out all the opportunities available at and find ways to make a difference — and new friends — in your new home.

Service member at farmers market

Reap the Rewards of Farmers Markets

Service member at farmers market

Being well-traveled is fine for people, but fruits, veggies and other foods are at their very best when they don't stray too far from home. Shop at your local farmers market. You'll enjoy delicious, nutritious, just-picked food while supporting farmers, making new friends, picking up recipe ideas, enjoying the outdoors and saving energy.

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Sponsors: You’re on

Service member sitting at a desk looking at a laptop

You've got big responsibilities as a sponsor. Your newcomer will be looking to you as the resident expert on all things related to your installation and your community. Luckily, we've got the tools you need to be the best sponsor you can be. Visit the eSponsorship Application and Training Tools page to tap into these resources.

Money and a check from the United States Treasury

Make the Most of Your Tax Refund

Money and a check from the United States Treasury

Tax Day is behind us and, for many, refunds have arrived. Before you book a vacation or buy that new computer, consider how to get the most from your refund. And if you haven't filed yet, Military OneSource's free online tax filing service is available through Oct. 17.

For Service Providers
Military Families Learning Network

Upcoming Military Families Learning Network Webinars

Military Families Learning Network

The MFLN encourages providers to learn from each other. In July, check out the webinars "Healing Our Heroes: Treatment Techniques to Support Family Resiliency — Parts 1 and 2" and "Motivational Interviewing." See the full list on the MFLN website.

Screenshot from video of mother and daughter laughing together

Helping Families: Exceptional Family Member Program Video

Screenshot from video of mother and daughter laughing together

Don't miss the updated Exceptional Family Member Program video. Listen, watch and learn as family members describe how the program is helping them and their families with special needs in life-changing ways.

view Paging Vacationerscontent

Paging Vacationers

Did You Know?

Prevent summer brain drain. Sign up for the Morale, Welfare and Recreation Summer Reading Program at your installation library.

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Celebrate the U.S.A

Cue the fireworks; it's time to celebrate our great nation. Plan your July 4 festivities.

Blue Skies and Blogs

See what our bloggers are raving about this summer, and snag ideas for a memorable season.

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What You're Saying

What You're Saying

"I lost over 20 pounds working
with the health and wellness coach.
The coach encouraged me
and I did the hard work."

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Simplify Your Move

Did You Know?

Create a personalized moving plan with a trained Military OneSource specialty consultant so you won't forget a thing.

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Screens off, Sneakers on

Ditch the screens and log some family time. Walking and talking as a family boosts fitness, closeness, moods and more.

From Military OneSource

Military OneSource document translation requests most commonly involve translating content from Spanish or German into English.

view What’s New With SECO?content

What’s New With SECO?

Did You Know?

It's easier than ever to connect with career information on the Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Facebook page.

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Unplug as a Family

Did You Know?

Power down screens and routines and power up family time and adventures with the America the Beautiful military pass.

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Tax Tips and Trivia

You might still get a tax deduction if mom or dad are making your student loan payments.


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