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February 2016

Strengthen Your Relationship With Love Every Day

Couple together in a boat

Rekindle romance with one of Military OneSource's mobile solutions. Love Every Day is a great way for couples to connect more meaningfully. It helps create distraction-free moments each day for 21 days to help you and your partner reconnect and strengthen your relationship by building a deeper bond.

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Military OneSource Feature

Tax Filing Resources for Service Members

Tax forms

Military OneSource offers free online tax filing through the Military OneSource website. If you are a service member, eligible family member or survivor, visit the Military OneSource website or call and speak with a consultant to learn more about the free tax filing and tax consultation services at 800-342-9647.

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Prevent Teen Dating Violence

Two teenagers holding a piece of paper with a heart on it in a classroom

Knowledge is power. "Understanding Teen Dating Violence" will give teens and parents the power to recognize signs of abuse. Once they know what to look for, teens are better prepared to steer clear of unhealthy or dangerous relationships and to make sure they treat other people with respect and kindness.

Make Their Summer Unforgettable

Kids walking on ropes lifted high off the ground

Department of Defense summer camps offer children and teens adventure both near and far. Sign your children up for experiences like kayaking, sailing and ropes courses at locations across the country. Check out installation camp opportunities to see what is available close to home. Amble down the list of these fun opportunities and book the experience your child will always remember.

People walking near road while it is snowing

Winter Storms: Get Prepped

People walking near road while it is snowing

Snow, ice and extreme cold can feel cozy when we're tucked in at home with working electricity and warm food and drinks. But things can change quickly. Storms can knock out utilities, make driving dangerous and expose people to frostbite and hypothermia. Prepare now for Old Man Winter.

Service member taking vision test

Look at Things Differently This Month

Service member taking vision test

Extra visual aids and other assistance may help you keep doing all of the things that brighten your day, from reading a great mystery novel to tying a tricky lure for your next fishing trip. Take time during Low Vision Awareness Month to understand this common condition.

For Service Providers
Military Families Learning Network

Upcoming Military Families Learning Network Webinars

Military Families Learning Network

The MFLN allows service providers to collaborate on issues unique to military families. In February, the network will host webinars on parenting during times of transition (Feb. 17 and 24) and on an introduction to TRICARE® (Feb. 23). Find out more and check out the archives.

Flags next to headstones in a military cemetery

Free Resources for Military Survivors

Flags next to headstones in a military cemetery

You're not alone. You don't have to search for support and answers by yourself after the death of a loved one. Free programs and services are available to help you apply for survivor and education benefits, receive grief and financial counseling and more. Let us help support you.

Service members packing care boxes

New Community Capacity Building Training Is Now Live

Service members packing care boxes

Today's military families live, work and play in their local communities. Take the online Community Capacity Building course on My Training Hub, and learn how to increase collaboration with your community to support service members and their families.

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Military Saves Week

Did You Know?

Celebrate Military Saves Week
Feb. 22 - 27. Set goals for your financial future and take the Military Saves Pledge today.

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Manage Money Like a Pro

Make the most of your money with our tips for new service members on budgeting, saving and paying down debt.

Set Up for Success

The connections you make today could lead to your next career success. Join the LinkedIn group for military spouses.

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Exceptional Redesign

Did You Know?

The Exceptional Advocate eNewsletter redesign is coming soon: same solid content, even better format.

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What You're Saying

What You're Saying

"You have kept my marriage together and kept my family together through deployments and everything else like that."

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Inner Entrepreneur

Our entrepreneurship webinar series offers insider information on everything from business plans and taxes to marketing and social media.

From Military OneSource

During 2015, users completed more than 215,000 federal and state tax returns with the Military OneSource tax preparation software.

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Budget for Fun

Did You Know?

Fill your calendar with fun — even on a shoestring budget. Morale, Welfare and Recreation stretches dollars and opens doors.

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Tax Tips and Trivia

Did You Know?

The Military Spouse Residency Relief Act has been making tax filing easier for milspouses since 2009.

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Strong Marriage

Strengthen your marriage with the "Marriage Enhancement Programs Through the Military Services."


Find programs and services at your local installation.

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