8 Ways to Save Money on Vehicles and Transportation

Men and women getting in a car pool van

You may not need a car to get around to all the places you need to go, depending on where you live. And avoiding the costs of a car can save you big money. But even if you do need a car to support your lifestyle, you can still find ways to save money and lower your transportation costs.

Money-saving tips

Here are a few tips to help you save money and still get from point A to point B:

  1. Use public transportation. Public transportation, if available in your hometown, is a great way to save some money and — bonus — it's also good for the environment.
  2. Buy used. Most new cars depreciate about 50 percent in the first two years you own it, so it's almost always more economical to buy a two-year-old used car. Just make sure to have it thoroughly inspected by a mechanic.
  3. Carpool. Share expenses by carpooling instead of paying the full expense of driving. It's also nice to enjoy some company in the car.
  4. Research airline flights extensively. Do your best to book early so you have plenty of time to research the best fare.
  5. Walk or bike when you can. It's great exercise, and it's the most efficient and cost-effective way to get somewhere. You'll save on gas and won't have to worry about finding and paying for parking.
  6. Shop around for car insurance. Compare rates online, and consider a higher deductible on collision coverage if your car is older.
  7. Maintain your car's maintenance schedule. A well-maintained car can net you big savings on car repairs and even get better gas mileage. Make sure to change the oil at the recommended intervals, and follow the maintenance schedule in your manual.
  8. Subscribe to an emergency road service. This eliminates costly surprises and can easily pay for itself with just one use.

Transportation can be expensive, but it doesn't have to completely blow your budget. Making thrifty choices and smart spending decisions can save you money and still get you everywhere you want and need to go.


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