Family-to-Family Health Information Centers

Family visiting an information booth at an Exceptional Family Member Program event

No matter where you are in your search for local community health care resources to help your family member with special needs, you probably know how much effort it takes. Understanding legislation, locating assistance and knowing where to turn for help can leave you with a number of questions.

That's where Family-to-Family Health Information Centers come in. These nonprofit organizations are familiar with the issues facing families with special needs and are ready to help you find answers. Family-to-Family centers connect you to resources that can provide and finance health care for your children. Each center has staff — many are parents of children with special needs — who understand available services and programs.

Find answers through Family-to-Family Health Information Centers


"Title V Programs for Children With Special Needs" on Military OneSource for more information on finding access to medical services.

Your local Family-to-Family center can help you find answers to a variety of health care issues. Along with other services, center staff can help you:

  • Learn eligibility requirements for Medicaid
  • Write a health care plan for teachers and therapists
  • Locate resources to pay for medications
  • Find support groups
  • Understand Title V and the programs that can help your family member
  • Transition between insurance plans

Tap into useful resources


out Military OneSource's Exceptional Family Member fact sheet for information on Medicaid and Medicare.

Get the help you need from your Family-to-Family center through:

  • Support and referrals by telephone, email or in-person contact
  • Training workshops
  • Helpful websites
  • Newsletters and other publications
  • Guidance on health programs and policy
  • Evaluation and outcome assessments

Health care can be complex, but Family-to-Family Health Information Centers can help you navigate the waters and find the personalized tools you need for your family.


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