Trevor Romain Video Series

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From the best-selling children's book author Trevor Romain comes a series of videos for children dealing with unique challenges. Through animated tales that kids can relate to, Romain addresses some of the most common problems that children in military families face.

  • Bullying - In this video, Trevor Romain and his animated friends, Jack and Skye, will talk to you about bullies. They will help you figure out why some kids get bullied and why some kids bully.
  • Cliques - Being one of the cool kids may not always be what it seems. Trevor shows everyone the importance of being true to themselves and reminds us that we are all, "one of a kind."
  • Deployment - In this video, Trevor Romain and his cartoon pals discuss all phases of deployment and how it affects military kids. The video includes great ideas for dealing with the emotions that most kids feel when their parents are away for long periods of time.
  • Homework - Get some great tips from Trevor about getting through your homework quickly and painlessly!
  • PCS: Moving - the great adventure!!! - In this video, Trevor Romain provides tips and tools to help kids see PCS'ing as an adventure and make the best of their move.
  • Life Is Great: Too Bad You're Missing It - In this video, Trevor Romain illustrates the importance of limiting phone and gaming time to remain healthy, both mentally and physically.
  • Facing Fear - As Trevor helps his animated friends Jack and Skye manage their fears at an amusement park, his guidance helps kids everywhere overcome their anxieties.
  • Texting - In this video, Trevor Romain encourages kids to limit the time they spend texting and playing video games so they can become more active and engage in what's happening around them.
  • Stress - Trevor Romain, with the help of his animated friends, identifies some of the things that cause stress in military families from a kid's perspective.
  • Taking Care of Your Body - Trevor Romain talks about the importance of keeping our bodies healthy and happy as we face life as kids (and as adults!). With the help of his good friends Jack, Skye and Darryl, kids learn how making healthy choices helps them be successful.
  • The Return Home Can Be Tough - Trevor Romain addresses the tough topic of when parents come home from deployment and the anxiety it can cause in children - especially when parents come home a little different than when they left due to post-traumatic stress disorder or other physical or unseen injuries.


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