How to Stay in Touch After Moving As a Military Kid

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One of the great things about military life is that you can make friends all over the country, or even all over the world. And moving doesn't have to mean losing touch. With a little effort and the help of technology, you can keep up with your friends wherever you go. Try these five strategies for staying in touch and building lifelong friendships:

  • Mail it. Don't be afraid to go a little old school. Sure, the internet makes sending an email a snap, but there's just something about getting a real letter in the mail. Collect your friends' addresses before you move and become pen pals.
  • Schedule it. Playing phone tag can get frustrating. Instead, try scheduling phone dates and online chats so you'll know both you and your friend will be available. Putting your next catch-up session on the calendar will give you something to look forward to — just don't forget to consider time zones.
  • "Like" it. Thanks to social media sites, keeping up with your long-distance friends is easier than ever. Sometimes even simply reaching out with a comment on a photo upload or status update can help you feel more connected. Just make sure you have your parents' permission before joining a new social networking site.
  • Blog it. Keeping a personal blog about your experiences and adventures is a great way to let multiple friends and family members know what you're up to all at once. Just remember, it's not always safe to put certain information online, so you can always send out a mass email "newsletter" update if you want to share more personal information, like your new address.
  • Face it. One of the best technological advances for staying in touch is video chatting. Try to get some actual face time with your favorite long-distance friends. Need to catch up in between video chats? Check out free apps that let you text with friends all over the world.

Thanks to all the accessible ways to stay in touch, you can continue telling jokes and sharing stories even after your family moves. After all, no matter where you go, your friends are only one call, text, email, letter or "like" away.



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