How to Get the Most Out of Military Kids Connect®

Group of kids on a bus.

No matter where you are in the world, no matter what time of day, you can find others like you on Military Kids Connect®. From graphic novels and games, to tours of your next installation, Military Kids Connect® was created just for you.

The experience

Log on to find games, videos and more for kids, tweens and teens. You'll be sent to the homepage for your age group, where you can:

  • Watch videos of military kids telling their personal stories
  • Check out social message boards for tweens and teens (you just need your parent's approval to register)
  • Play games
  • Explore interactive world maps
  • Make a personal virtual scrapbook
  • Have your own virtual space with an avatar you can personalize

Remember, Military Kids Connect® is just for you. It's meant to be a safe online space where you can connect with others just like you and talk about what life's like as a military kid.

The stuff for parents and teachers

Military Kids Connect® is your site, but there's some stuff that your parents and teachers might like, too. Tell them to check out these things:

  • Military culture videos and lesson plans for teachers, school counselors and educators to better understand the differences between military and civilian youth
  • New modules for children and parents on handling tough stuff, like grief, loss and physical injury
  • Information on common behavioral responses to deployment by age group and methods to cope with these behaviors
  • Information about website safeguards and parental controls

So, what are you waiting for? Check out Military Kids Connect® and find out what you've been missing.



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