Office of Personnel Management Cybersecurity Breach

Service member reading manual.

The Office of Personnel Management is reaching out to those whose Social Security numbers and other personal information may be involved in a cybersecurity breach of federal background investigation records. Office of Personnel Management letters went into the mail beginning Sept. 30, 2015, as part of a notification process that officials expect to last about 12 weeks. Recipients include active-duty service members, veterans and current, former and prospective federal employees and contractors. Spouses and cohabitants whose Social Security numbers and other personal information were included in the intrusion are also receiving letters.

The Office of Personnel Management is sending notification letters in the names of deceased individuals because each year, thieves steal the identities of nearly 2.5 million deceased Americans. To reduce the likelihood of any misuse, the government is offering identify theft protection and credit monitoring services for deceased individuals. The government is also offering identity theft protection services to any deceased individuals’ dependent children who were younger than the age of 18 as of July 1, 2015. These services include identity monitoring, identity theft insurance and identity restoration services for the next three years.

The Office of Personnel Management apologizes if the receipt of this letter causes any distress.

The deceased and any eligible dependents may be enrolled in these services through the Office of Personnel Management’s Cybersecurity Resource Center using the 25-digit personal identification number provided in the notification letter. Other personal information about the deceased, including the last four digits of the individual’s Social Security number, will be necessary to enroll. Please note that the 25-digit PIN includes only numbers and does not include any letters or special characters.

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