Grief Counseling Options for Military Survivors

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No matter where you are on your grief journey, you may benefit from a compassionate ear and a relatable network to remind you that you aren't alone, but supported and understood. Continue reading to find the support you need.

Everyone grieves differently. You will reach your new normal in your own time, and you have no-cost grief counseling options that can support you along the way:

  • Military OneSource — Access confidential non-medical counseling in person, over the phone, online or through a video option. Call Military OneSource at 800-342-9647 to take the first step toward grief and loss counseling that fits your needs and is convenient enough to mesh well with your schedule.
  • TRICARE — Eligible beneficiaries have medical counseling options at no cost through TRICARE. If your active-duty service member died within the last three years, spouses and children still receive active-duty family member benefits. Learn more about eligibility before seeking medical counseling to avoid surprise expenses.
  • Department of Veterans Affairs — Access bereavement counseling to support you with emotional and psychological stress following the death of your loved one. Families of personnel who died on active duty are eligible, as well as families of eligible reservists and Guardsmen. Learn more about eligibility and services through the Bereavement Counseling page.
  • Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors — Connect with counseling services, including options for survivors whose loved ones were not on active duty at the time of death. Learn more about the TAPS grief counseling options.

If grief counseling doesn't feel like the best fit for you, or if you aren't eligible for the no-cost counseling options, check out other forms of survivor support:

  • Online communities — Joining an online community of fellow survivors can be an easy first step toward establishing a connection to the survivor community or a convenient way to stay in contact. Be sure that any community you join is secure, like the TAPS Online Community.
  • Care groups in your community — Community care groups may not be military-specific, but you may find that you can relate with a group of survivors in your area. Check out TAPS to find out if there are any care groups in your area.
  • Peer mentoring — Visit the TAPS Peer Mentors page to request a peer mentor or volunteer to mentor another survivor.

For other counseling options that can address your concerns beyond grief, try one or more of the suggestions in the article "7 Counseling Options for Service Members and Their Families."

You don't have to face your grief journey alone. Seek grief counseling, helplines, support communities, care groups near you or peer mentoring to connect with the people who can help you. Start by contacting Military OneSource to find grief counseling resources near you.


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