Military OneSource Adult Disability Care Consultations

A woman and a service member in wheelchairs, meeting at a table

When you have an adult family member that needs care, support, resources or information, adult disability care consultation can help. Consultants provide service members and their families with all kinds of information and resources to assist you may need.

Specialty consultations let you talk with a trained professional about your questions and get referrals to services and programs that meet your specific needs. The consultation includes one-on-one sessions with a work-life specialist, and research and referrals for any services or programs specific to your needs.

The following support services may be helpful when caring for yourself or someone you love who’s living with a disability.

Support services


your home accessible.

Military OneSource’s adult disability care consultants can answer your questions and give you information on a number of resources and support options:

  • Exceptional Family Member Program. They can give you information about the Exceptional Family Member Program and explain why enrolling can be so beneficial to you and your family.
  • Independent living options. Specialty consultants can help you find information on housing options, such as independent living facilities, group homes and subsidized apartments.
  • Veteran's Aid and Attendance benefit. Specialty consultants can help find out if you're eligible for Veteran's Aid and Attendance benefit. This benefit may help you with the cost of a variety of health care services, including the cost of home care or facility care. Visit your regional Department of Veterans Affairs office to apply.
  • Medicaid waiver program. Specialty consultants can provide information on Medicaid waiver programs that are available to both senior citizens and adults with disabilities. A Medicaid waiver may provide assistance for in-home care or facility care. Each state has different names for its Medicaid waiver programs. Coverage and eligibility requirements vary from state to state.
  • Military OneSource resources. Adult disability care consultants can also give you information on the other Military OneSource resources and services available to you for free, like confidential non-medical counseling, financial counseling and other specialty consultations on topics such as wounded warriors and education.



out about the VA benefits available to disable veterans and service members.

The following individuals are eligible:

  • All active-duty service members
  • National Guard and reserve members (regardless of activation status)
  • Members of the Coast Guard Reserve activated as part of the Department of the Navy under Title 10 authority
  • Spouses and dependent children who are authorized in the Defense Enrollment and Eligibility Reporting System, or DEERS
  • Family members who are handling an eligible service member's affairs while the service member is deployed
  • Severely injured service members, or a designated family member of a severely injured service member who's incapable of handling his or her own affairs
  • Medically retired individuals (eligible until 180 days past their end of tour of service, retirement date or discharge date)

Get all the information you need to help care for your loved one. Check out the "Federal Assistance Programs Resources" for more information.


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