Making a Difference for Military Families

Service member with his wife and holding his young child

The Department of Defense-State Liaison Office works with state governments to help make your state-to-state moves and transitions from the military a bit easier. The DSLO is your voice to state policymakers about laws shaping your quality of life and well-being. They work to improve your life in areas like employment, professional licensure, legal services, education, health care and more.


USA4MilitaryFamilies for specific information on the key issues

Here's what they're working on in 2016:

  • Supporting child abuse and neglect identification and reporting
  • Protecting private sector hiring policies for veterans
  • Identifying military children in education data systems
  • Allowing service members to keep their earned priority for getting Medicaid home and community-based service waivers
  • Protecting National Guard service members' jobs during state-sponsored activations
  • Recognizing licensing and academic credit for military education, training and experience
  • Removing licensing barriers for military spouses as they move from state to state
  • Supporting free, or pro bono, legal services for service members and their families
  • Creating state licensing exceptions for distance education
  • Allowing the formation of Veterans Treatment Courts

Stay up to date on the issues that may affect you and your family when it's time to move. Check out the USA4 Military Families website for maps that show key issue status by state.


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