Talk to Someone Who Gets It: Military OneSource Offers Peer-to-Peer Support

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We all have those times in life when stress manages us more than we manage it. Talking with someone who understands the stress you are experiencing, because they've personally been there too, can relieve some of that stress. Military OneSource now offers confidential peer-to-peer specialty consultations. The peer consultants have a master's degree in psychology or in a social science field with firsthand life experience as:

  • Service members
  • Military spouses

When you need to talk, Military OneSource is here to listen. Service members and their spouses are eligible to receive Military OneSource confidential peer-to-peer specialty consultations up to 180 days after separation from the military. Using our confidential services will not negatively affect your career or the career of your spouse.

A confidential peer-to-peer specialty consultation is a relaxed conversation that can be about the challenges of military life, such as deployments or frequent relocation. Let's walk through it together. Schedule your confidential peer-to-peer specialty consultation by calling Military OneSource 24/7 at 800-342-9647.

Military life is full of exciting and challenging times. Talk to someone who gets it. Military OneSource offers a variety of confidential services to help you make the most of military life. Read more about Military OneSource's other confidential specialty consultations and non-medical counseling services.


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