3 Mobile Solutions to Boost Quality of Life

Service member looking at Mood Hacker on a tablet

Mobile solutions now go way beyond sweet-smashing games. Military OneSource is offering three new mobile tools — MoodHacker, CoachHub and Love Every Day. Try MoodHacker to improve your mood. Use CoachHub to reduce your stress. Give Love Every Day a try to rekindle the romance. Access these mobile solutions to help improve the quality of your life, all on the go.



how MoodHacker can give your mood a boost.

Tracking your mood with a mood ring made a comeback in the 90s, but there's a new kid in town called MoodHacker. It's a mobile, self-management tool that helps you track, understand and improve your mood. When you open MoodHacker, you're asked to rate your mood from 1 to 10. The mobile intervention then provides a list of activities that can potentially improve your mental well-being. Since relationships and stress often drive our level of satisfaction in life, this mobile solution can get you headed in the right direction. So track your mood and give it a boost with this free tool brought to you by Military OneSource.



stress to the curb with a personal online coach.

Kick stress to the curb with a personal online coach. Use CoachHub to take MoodHacker to the next level. With CoachHub, you can partner with an online coach to meet your goals and keep them on track with online support. You can browse coaches, send messages, request appointments, post questions and more.

Love Every Day


the Love Every Day tools you need.

Even if your relationship is already rock steady and strong, the Love Every Day mobile solution can improve the quality, stability and resilience of your connection. This mobile game helps to reduce disharmony and the problems associated with it. If you text often, but say little, take a few minutes to connect in a fun and meaningful way using Love Every Day. Spark some fun or rekindle your romance. Go crazy with it and earn some points while you're at it. Give Love Every Day a try.

So jump in. Boost your quality of life with free mobile solutions. Log in and visit Military OneSource's mobile tools if you are ready to take control while on the go.


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