What Military OneSource Can Do for You

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Don’t miss out on the resources you’ve earned — Military OneSource is both a call center and a website, providing free, comprehensive information and resources on every aspect of military life to service members (regardless of activation status), their families and survivors. Military OneSource is here to help you handle many of life’s everyday challenges. Plus, you can prepare for some of the unique aspects of military life — like an upcoming deployment or a move to a new installation.

Call, click and connect at 800-342-9647 or http://www.MilitaryOneSource.mil 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any location in the world.

What can Military OneSource do for me?


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Convenience is important in this fast-paced life, and Military OneSource brings information and resources to you when and where you need them. Check out all you can gain with Military OneSource:

  • Gain support and understanding through life — Confidential non-medical counseling provides experienced licensed counselors to help you for free, short-term, non-medical concerns, such as handling stress, relationships, grief and parenting issues.
  • Multiply your green and stay in the black — Financial counseling can show you how to establish a budget, get out of debt, and create new ways to save money. This free service comes from qualified counselors who can help you with a variety of financial concerns.
  • Step up to the next level in your education or career — The Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program helps military spouses get expert education and career guidance worldwide, which ensures military spouses have all the opportunities and connections they need to find a career they love.
  • Get information while on the go — Call center and online support consultants have master's degrees, and they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone, email or live chat. Child care, deployment, moving, education and other information is at your fingertips.
  • Receive personalized information specific to your situation — Specialty consultations are free and confidential, for issues related to wounded warrior, special needs, adult and elder care, peer-to-peer support, education, adoption, spouse relocation, and transition, or health and wellness coaching.
  • Level the language playing field — Simultaneous language interpretation and document translation through Military OneSource are free. Real-time language interpretation services are by phone 24/7, and document translation is available for leases, marriage licenses, adoption paperwork and school transcripts.
  • File early without the stress or strain — Tax preparation and filing services allow you to complete, save and file your federal tax return and a maximum of three state returns free online with Military OneSource's electronic tax filing service.
  • Boost your happy and your health — Mobile solutions allow service members and their families to find free support through interactive tools on the go. MoodHacker helps you track and improve your moods, CoachHub offers personal coaches to guide you to your health and stress level goals, and Love Every Day offers 21 days of activities and fun interactions to help you strengthen your relationship with your partner.
  • Make new friends and find fun events — Online tools and social media allow you to join new circles of friends and keep up with what's going on in the military community. Visit the Military OneSource website or connect on social media to network, access online tools and event announcements.
  • Stay in the know with the latest information — Educational materials including booklets, CDs, DVDs, and articles developed by Military OneSource are free for you to read online, download or order.

Who's eligible for Military OneSource?

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How can I contact Military OneSource?


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Contacting Military OneSource is easy — whether you're in the United States or overseas — and services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Stateside: 800-342-9647
  • Live Chat: Find the Live Chat button under the Confidential Help drop-down menu on the home page.
  • International: 800-3429-6477 or 703-253-7599 (Calling instructions for your specific international location can be found in the Counseling drop-down menu located at the top of every page on Military OneSource.)
  • Collect from overseas: 703-253-7599 (Dial an international operator first, then ask to be connected to 703-253-7599.)
  • Voice over internet protocol: 800-842-9647
  • TTY/TDD: Dial 711 and give the toll-free number 800-342-9647


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