Starting a New Chapter in a New Home

This is your opportunity for adventure. You’ve recently moved and now it’s time to settle into your new home. Master your move by exploring a new area and finding your new favorite places, making new friends, starting new family traditions and building your nest together. Your installation’s Relocation Assistance Program can help you embrace the early steps here by providing a strong connection to your military community.

Your new social life

Building a network in your new community will make it feel like home. There are plenty of other military spouses who have been through countless moves like this one, so reach out and make new friends. There is a ton of support for you and your family, and that social structure can jump-start your adventure with advice and guidance on getting started.

More than just friendly faces, the community at your new installation can provide valuable networking opportunities for finding a new job or helping your kids choose the right school or activities.

Ways to connect

You can rule your relocation by connecting with others. There are many ways to find that first social outlet on your installation. These are just a few ways to get started.

  • Start a new hobby to have fun in your spare time and make new friends. Join a sports team, take a fitness class or join a book club to share your interests.
  • Connect with other families through play dates and school events to meet fellow parents and stay involved in your child’s education. Get child care advice and the chance to socialize during and outside of school.
  • Volunteer with local charities. You’ll learn new skills, get to know local organizations and start supporting your new home.

A new home overseas

Few families get the chance to have an adventure overseas together. It’s an incredible opportunity for you and your family to explore an entirely new part of the world and learn about a different culture, language and traditions.

  • If you’re moving overseas with children, sign up for activities, so that they can start making friends — and so you can connect with fellow parents.
  • Make a plan to stay in touch with old friends through calls or letters.
  • Celebrate holidays on your military installation. Keep your traditions strong and integrate new ones together.
  • Shop for books and go to the movies to start discovering the local culture.

Starting fresh in your new home is easier with the help of your military community. Take advantage of a built-in social network at your installation with plenty of activities to keep you and your family busy and well-connected.

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