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More career resources than ever

You know that MySECO is your best resource for job-related questions. Now, it has even more tools to help you take the next exciting step in your career. Starting in June, the Military Spouse Employment Partnership job search feature became available on the MySECO website, making it easier than ever to find the perfect job.

Integrating these two platforms into one easy-to-use site combines MSEP’s network with SECO’s career expertise. For military spouses, MySECO has your back on every element of the job hunt.

Search feature offerings

The Military Spouse Employment Partnership is an employment and career partnership connecting military spouses with hundreds of partner employers who have committed to recruit, hire, promote and retain military spouses in portable careers. Its 345-plus employer partners now have hired over 105,000 military spouses. The MSEP job search tool typically has more than 100,000 active jobs listed from around the world. With the job search tool now available exclusively on MySECO website, you can do the following:

  • Search for jobs using job titles, industry, company, location and more. You can even search for telework jobs and work-from-home opportunities.
  • View job opportunities that need to be filled immediately, or “Hot Jobs,” located around the world.
  • Learn about featured MSEP companies and organizations or view and research all partners.

Take the first steps

To start your search today, create or update your MySECO Profile. Then conduct a search to find the appropriate jobs that match your qualifications. Using the MySECO Resume Builder, create a resume tailored to the position for which you are applying using the easy-to-follow platform to build one that stands out among job applicants. Helpful templates and tips are there to guide you at every step.

Once you have explored the job search tool and you are confident with a strong resume, use the newly updated MySECO to:

  • Take advantage of career advice through articles, webinars and more on how to shape your career path, one role at a time.
  • Use tools for preparing for your first interview and make a strong personal impression and connection with hiring managers.
  • Reach out to a certified Career Counselor with specific questions anytime at 800-342-9647.

Whether you’re returning to your role in the workforce or starting a completely fresh career path, MySECO has new and improved tools to launch your next step. Job hunting as a military spouse is now faster and easier than ever. If the next step in your career is starting your own business, connect with a certified Career Counselor for guidance on how to get started.

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