Back to Reality: Adjust to Autumn with Online Counseling

If you enjoy summer, the shorter days and cooler weather of autumn might make you feel unsettled. Work and social commitments tend to ramp up in the fall and add stress. Military OneSource online non-medical counselors are ready to help you adjust to the changes of the new season. Call 800-342-9647 or visit our website to learn more about non-medical counseling.

Why online counseling?

Online non-medical counseling allows you to chat with licensed counselors in the comfort of home using your smartphone, tablet or personal computer. Counselors are available seven days a week with flexible hours to accommodate early-morning or evening sessions.

Military OneSource online counselors can help you:

  • Stay positive and productive despite weather changes and less daylight
  • Organize your priorities to meet personal goals
  • Handle anxiety over upcoming fall and winter holidays
  • Manage job-related stress while juggling a busy life at home
  • Talk through relationship stress and find ways to improve your situation.

If autumn tends to make you feel melancholy or overwhelmed, consider chatting online with a Military OneSource non-medical counselor.

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